For Adults

Gain confidence and self respect while getting into better shape with Koo's Taekwondo Academy. Taekwondo movements are graceful and more interesting than the usual repetitious exercise formats. The free flowing uniform is comfortable and is a constant reminder to train with full effort. The program offers the opportunity to lose those extra pounds and inches, and still feel invigorated!

Koo's Taekwondo can help a you feel capable of standing up to any situation, whether the need is to defend yourself or just manage daily activities at home, school, or in the office. The courses provide an interesting change of pace to any daily routine.

Adults will gain the needed confidence to cope with any situation in todays society. Everyone, no matter what their career interest, will gain new confidence to help handle daily problems. The program will provide a means to release tensions that are built up by constant pressures and responsibilities. Stamina will increase and an enthusiasm will develop to deal with everyday routines. Family, friends, and employers will notice a difference!

Find the path to Success!

Discipline: Perform a given task to completion to his or her best.

Confidence: Overcome shyness and make friends; to stand up for oneself.

Respect: Treat people, yourself, and property in an appropriate manner.

Achievement: Create the desire to achieve and succeed on the job and in life.

Mental Alertnes: A sound mind builds a sound body. Taekwondo training has a depth to it that you don't find in other physical fitness programs. It's more than just a physical sport. It's an art that encompasses both the mind and the body.


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  -Taekwondo uniform included!

Belt Testing


Color Belt Testing:
Location: San Ramon Studio

October 11, 2019 

4:30-6:00pm: White - Yellow

6:00-8:00pm: Green & Up (Sparring Gear required)

San Ramon Studio

(schedules subject to change)