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Parents have a natural concern for their children's welfare. They want strong, healthy youngsters who will do well in life. Our special children's program aids parents in building their children's confidence and character qualities that help to develop leaders. Children learn physical fitness and a mental alertness that allows them to take pride in themselves. This furthers their participation and contributions in classroom situations. Their new source of energy and physical agility help them perform better at sports and other activities. The program assists children in making friends easier and teaches them to have respect for authorities as well as for themselves.

In general, the program will enable youngsters to achieve greater social, physical, and emotional growth. Parents of our students have often attributed our program with better school grades, greater self confidence, more outgoing personalities, and improved attitudes.

Create a strong start with the tenets of Taekwondo:

Modesty: not to be vain or boastful in what you do

Integrity: to have a high moral standard and to be honest

Perseverance: to keep on going even if you're tired

Self Control: to control your emotions, not to show anger, fear, or frustration

Indomitable Spirit: to have a never give up attitude under any circumstance


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Two weeks of instruction for $60.
  -Taekwondo uniform included!

Belt Testing


Color Belt Testing:
Location: San Ramon Studio

October 11, 2019 

4:30-6:00pm: White - Yellow

6:00-8:00pm: Green & Up (Sparring Gear required)

San Ramon Studio

(schedules subject to change)