Black Belt Club

 Those students who are extra serious, dedicated and motivated will be eligible.  Students who have set their goals on achieving a Black Belt and continuously demonstrate the ability to achieve excellence will be eligible. Koo's staff will personally assist you in committing yourself to be a full pledged Black Belt Club Member.


Black Belt Course Benefits

  • Special Intensive Training
  • Advanced Course
  • Individual Attention
  • Demonstration Team
  • Accelerate to Black Belt Level
  • Strong mental training

Special Class Qualification

  • 1 Year committment
  • Winning Attitude
  • Regular Attendance
  • The ability to set and achieve goals
  • Set a good examples to others



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New Student Special Offer

Two weeks of instruction for $60.
  -Taekwondo uniform included!

Belt Testing


Color Belt Testing:
Location: San Ramon Studio

October 11, 2019 

4:30-6:00pm: White - Yellow

6:00-8:00pm: Green & Up (Sparring Gear required)

San Ramon Studio

(schedules subject to change)